The 4 Factors for Vertical Farming Success

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The Vertical Farming Space is Noisy 

Rapid innovation and increases in popularity of vertical farming make for a crowded, confusing, and incredibly noisy marketplace.4_Factors_of_Vertical_Farm_Success.png

With the diversity of ideas around the concept of high density plant production, we see both pessimistic skeptics and  die hard evangelists. 

But what's vertical farming really about? And furthermore, what makes a vertical farm successful?

Does simply growing as much produce in a given space make a vertical farm successful? Or is this just one of the many facets modern farmers and their investors have to optimize in order to create a thriving business?

Surely what  matters in vertical farming (as with any farming operation) is creating an economically viable system and that's what this guide will help you understand. 

Whether you're looking at a for-profit or not-for-profit farm, it's crucial to understand what makes these buzzyworthy, futuristic farms work. 

This guide will break down what this economically viable system looks like based on 4 criteria:

  • Space use efficiency and productivity
  • Labor costs
  • Profitability
  • Environment and plant health

The buzz about vertical farming can be confusing. This guide attempts to cut through the noise and give you a principle-based comparison of the two prominent types of vertical farming in order to help both growers and investors make decisions about their operations.

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