Free Discussion Plan: Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition 

A Discussion Plan to Complement the Nutrient Cycling & Decomposition Reading

Nutrient_cycling.pngSchool gardening is taking the educational world by storm - and for good reason. But as an educator new to classroom gardening, the concept of encorporating something so physical into your classroom and lesson plans can be daunting.

Whether it's a task newly assigned to you, or a new program you've personally inspired your school to begin, you may have questions like "what can I teach with hydroponics?" and "how do I make it an impactful experience for my students?"

The good news is, we have the answers. And so does the growing community of soil-less science eduators. This free download will provide you with an engaging discussion plan to complement a reading on Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition.

Use this discussion plan to define difficult vocabulary and test student understanding with critical thinking questions.

In this free discussion plan, you will:

  • Test student comprehension of "Nutrient Cycling and Decomposition" 
  • Discuss organisms that can break down labile and refractory compounds
  • Define detritus, detritovore, biogeochemical cycle, and other advanced vocabulary
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