Free Webinar: "Making the business case for your indoor farm."

“I'm interested in indoor farming, but no one can give me actual information to help make a decision.” WebinarGif.gif

We get it.

There is always a lot of interest in new technology. But the hype can be overwhelming.

In this short introductory webinar, Elesif will show how the ZipFarm™ is being used to build sustainable revenues and serve the local food market:

  • Pricing information.
  • How a single farm worker is able to grow over 300 pounds of produce a week, with less than 30 hours of farm labor
  • Revenue projections based on the ZipFarm Full Bundle
  • Average costs and overhead expenses for lighting, labor, real estate and COGS (based on the Full Bundle 500 square feet)

This short presentation demonstrates how a single farmer can build strong farm profits with the ZipFarm.

If you're interested in starting or scaling your own modern farm, join us for this short presentation.

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